Expanso Brings Data Processing to the Edge

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With the volume, velocity, and variety of data produced by enterprises growing at 42 percent year over year, the world’s data storage capacity will exceed 175 zettabytes by 2025. Management of that data using traditional methods is expensive, slow, and heavily regulated. Furthermore, much of that data (57 percent) now sits outside of the data center. 

This ‘edge-based’ data is found within IoT devices or is living in the Cloud, accessed by an increasingly distributed, global workforce. As a result, 68 percent of the data that is created by enterprises goes unused, leaving precious value uncaptured.

“One of the fundamental questions in computing is: do you do things in a centralized way, or do you do things in a decentralized way?” says David Aronchick, CEO of Expanso. “The thing is there’s no right answer to that question. Different scenarios are valid based on what the business is trying to do. Our goal is to add to the portfolio of tools that developers have to make the maximum use of the assets at their disposal.”… More

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