What We Value

Our mission.

We at Expanso are building upon our open-source project, Bacalhau, to change the way data processing is done. Our platform runs computations where the data is created, instead of moving large volumes of data around. This means faster, cheaper, and more secure data processing.

Today data is growing fast, but network growth is slow. This is where Expanso comes in. By reducing unnecessary data transfers, we’re making data processing more resource-efficient, which contributes to responsible consumption and production of resources.

We’re not just about technology though; we’re about community. We strongly believe in collaboration and ensuring organizations can excel. Our platform is designed to work well with existing compute providers, like Azure, GCP, AWS, and distributed platforms, like Kubernetes, Airflow, Flyte, and Spark. We offer a generous free tier from our open-source roots, showing our commitment to helping the industry advance together.

Expanso also makes it easy for developers to work with data using the tools they know like Python, R, and DuckDB. They can focus on getting insights from data without worrying about the infrastructure. 

Our approach makes data management simpler, more secure, and ready for the future where data is generated and stored in many places – across clouds, regions, and on different devices.

We think an exclusively centralized approach won’t solve all the new challenges with data-heavy applications like machine learning and generative AI. That’s why we’ve built a distributed platform with Expanso. Our platform is ready to handle the next generation of data challenges, and we believe it will have a significant, long-lasting, positive impact on the industry.

Expanso Mission
What Drives Our Vision

Empowering everyone.

Expanso is more than a technology company – we are a platform and an ecosystem. Our ambition is to revolutionize data processing for organizations of all sizes around the globe, and to be the engine for millions of developers to build the next greatest thing.

Commitment to excellence

We don’t just promise; we deliver. Our unwavering accountability ensures we stand by our word.

Financial Services
Growth as a habit

Every day, every challenge is an opportunity. We continuously learn, evolve, innovate, and redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

Web Serving
Default positivity

We view challenges through a lens of optimism. Turning obstacles into opportunities is how we drive forward.

Industry IoT
Precision in innovation

In our pursuit of redefining the status quo, every detail matters. We are meticulous in our approach, ensuring accuracy at every turn.

Trust & Transparency
Trust and transparency

In a digital age, trust is our currency. We foster it through openness, honesty, and clear communication.