Security and Governance

Safety first, always. At Expanso, your data security stands as the cornerstone of our vision for transforming the way people execute Compute Over Data.
Security and Governance

At Expanso, we understand your data is important. Our platform is designed with security in mind from the ground up, and our transparency supports your regulatory compliance while you harness our platform's capabilities.

Trust is fundamental at Expanso. From inception to deployment, security is at the core of our software lifecycle. We implement strict security measures like penetration tests, vulnerability evaluations, and stringent access controls. Our belief in transparency drives us to openly share our operational practices, fostering collaboration with customers and partners to meet all security requirements.
Your enterprise operates worldwide. We’ll help you meet the unique compliance needs of highly regulated industries. Expanso allows you to execute over data locally, reducing or eliminating many concerns with data migration regulations and multi-environment deployments.
We take the privacy of your data seriously. Expanso is here to help you follow privacy standards and meet all regulatory requirements, ensuring peace of mind for you and your customers. For example, for customers that need strict separation between different geographic regions for specific localized regulation, Expanso can enable you to keep your data local to those regions, but treat the compute platform like a single, global network.

Security features.

Your data and workloads are protected through our comprehensive security framework. Security, governance, and auditing is built into our core platform.

When it comes to safeguarding  your data, Expanso is built to help. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of security features, ensuring that your data remains under your vigilant protection.

Data Sovereignity

Expanso allows you to keep your data within your premises. Our approach lets you deploy jobs and ML models right where your data resides, which means your data never leaves the secure confines of your environment. We operate on the principle of “compute over data,” ensuring that your sensitive information stays firmly under your control.

Data Governance
Implementing data governance has never been easier. Expanso’s architecture simplifies the process, allowing you to easily minimize and control data flows, without losing rich functionality. With Expanso, you can maintain a firm grip on your data, ensuring that it adheres to your governance policies every step of the way. Expanso also minimizes the need for data transfers, which, in turn, by reducing the potential vulnerabilities associated with data movement.
minimal infrastructure maximum protection
Expanso redefines the balance between security and infrastructure. Unlike traditional solutions that demand extensive hardware investments, our software requires minimal infrastructure investment, often working inside of existing devices and machines, rather than requiring new deployments. This cost-effective approach guarantees robust data security without straining your resources. You also have the ability to oversee and manage when, how and what data can be accessed, adding an extra layer of security to your information. With finely-tuned access controls, this extra layer of security shields your data from unauthorized access.

We recognize that data security is paramount.

With our innovative software for container and compute orchestration, your data remains precisely where you want it, under your jurisdiction. Embrace data security without compromise.